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Hygrade Nitrile Pro-Tection Glove™ | Latex-Free | Powder-Free | Medium | 100 Disposable NITRILE Gloves Per Box


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  1. Nitrile Material: Nitrile is known for its durability and resistance to a wide range of chemicals, making these gloves suitable for many industrial and healthcare applications.

  2. Powder-Free: The absence of powder reduces the risk of skin irritation and contamination, ensuring a cleaner and more comfortable experience.

  3. Disposable: Hygrade Nitrile Gloves are designed for single-use applications, making them a convenient and hygienic option for tasks where gloves need to be changed regularly.

  4. Excellent Tactile Sensitivity: These gloves offer a high level of tactile sensitivity, making them suitable for tasks that require dexterity and precision.

  5. Ambidextrous Design: The gloves are designed to fit either hand, providing convenience and ease of use.

  6. Ideal for: Packaging, restaurants, painting, electronics, auto mechanics, janitorial, gardening, food processing, and household chores



  • Quantity: 100 Gloves/Box
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: Medium (9.5" long)
  • Thickness: 5 mil
  • Fitting: Ambidextrous
  • Material: 100% Nitrile Glove (Latex-Free / Powder-Free)