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Joy Professional Dishwashing Pot & Pan Detergent 38 oz Bottle, 8/Carton

SKU: PGC-43606

We have run out of stock for this item.

  1. Powerful Grease-Cutting Formula makes it highly effective for cleaning heavily soiled pots, pans, and cooking equipment

  2. Concentrated Strength ensures that you get the most out of each application, making the product both cost-effective and efficient

  3. Versatility: Suitable for cleaning a variety of other kitchen items, such as baking sheets, cooking utensils, grills, and more

  4. Trusted Brand: Joy is a well-known and trusted brand in the cleaning industry, with a history of delivering effective and reliable cleaning solutions

  5. Ease of Use: The cleaner is designed for manual dishwashing, and its easy-to-use formula ensures that you can quickly and efficiently clean your kitchenware without the need for excessive scrubbing or soaking.