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Brush Oval, Wall, Ceiling Fan


Innovative Dusting Tools

  • Oval shape wall brush for ceiling fans, walls and ceilings
  • Made of heavy-duty galvanized wire and 49% horsehair bristles
  • Ideal for dusting rough surfaces, removing cobwebs and dust from flat objects
  • Wall Brush can be used with HiFlo nLite poles by attaching the HiFlo nLite Locking Cone Adapter (HFNLC) or telescopic poles by attaching the ErgoTec Locking Cone (NCAN0)

The 12"x5" oval shape, making it ideal for cleaning ceiling fans, removing cobwebs and dusting ceilings, walls, and rough surfaces. This duster is made of heavy-duty galvanized wire and 49% natural horsehair bristles. Use this duster by hand or attach to any telescopic pole for high access cleaning.