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NCL / Soap

C-ALL™ Ammoniated Window & Glass Cleaner | 1 Gallon Container

SKU: NCL-1315

Product Description:

An ammoniated window and glass cleaner which is ready to use and streak free. This institutional formula contains deionized water, anti-resoil additives, corrosion inhibitors, degreasing solvents and ammonia for high performance glass cleaning.

Authorized USDA Product


Glass showcases in retail locations need a glass cleaner powerful enough to cut through the grease and grime, retard fingerprints, and leave the showcases clean, sparkling, and streak-free.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Contains ammonia: Aids in cutting grease
  • Contains deionized water: Prevents filming on glass surfaces
  • Contains exotic wetting agents: Reduces tendency to resoil.
  • Ready to use: Easy application
  • Quick acting: Dissolves dirt, grease and smoke films


  • ColorLight Blue
  • OdorMild Ammonia
  • pH10.7
  • FlammableNo
  • Specific Gravity (g/ml): 0.99 ± 0.01
  • PhosphatesNone
  • ResidueNone
  • Safe on PaintYes
  • Safe on CaulkingYes
  • Safe on PlasticYes
  • Density (lbs/gal): 8.2 ± 0.1