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Crocodile Cloth® PAINT | 100 Huge Cloths Per Pack

SKU: CRO-6920-100

Product Description:

Crocodile Cloth® Paint series is an innovative cleaning solution tailored specifically to handle paint-related surface prep, messes, and spills. With its unique composition and texture, this cloth is engineered to efficiently remove paint splatters, drips, smudges, and other paint-related residues without harming surfaces. Use for damp-dusting and removal of oils, adhesives and residues prior to painting. The low-lint cloth picks up dust and residues and leaves nothing behind. Its gentle yet effective cleaning abilities make it an indispensable tool for painters, artists, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone dealing with paint cleanup tasks. Safe on wood, metals and other surfaces. 

Product Highlights:

  1. UNLEASHING UNMATCHED POWER: Engineered to dissolve and absorb paint, caulk, glue, drywall mud, and various painting-related messes in authentic work settings. Gentle yet effective on wood, metal, and a variety of surfaces.

  2. THE ULTIMATE PAINTING COMPANION: Crocodile Cloth® introduces a cleaning wipe tailored not only for post-painting cleanups but also for painting surface preparation. Perfect for damp-dusting or eliminating oils, adhesives, and residues before painting.

  3. MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS, UNBEATABLE VALUE: Our expansive 15" x 10" Crocodile Cloth® cleaning wipes are meticulously crafted for superior scrubbing and absorption, minimizing the number of wipes required for any cleanup task. Featuring extended moisture retention and an ultra-sturdy, heavy-duty construction.

  4. GENTLE ON SKIN: Dermatologically tested, these Crocodile Cloth® wipes are infused with aloe and vitamin E, ensuring hand safety while using them. Each disposable wipe is engineered to retain moisture outside the packaging for more than an hour.

  5. GOODBYE WIMPY WIPES: These oversized wipes go beyond toughness, boasting incredible strength that outperforms the competition. Crocodile Cloth® stands over 4x more effective than standard cleaning wipes, proudly crafted in the USA.


  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 5.75 x 10 x 4.25 in.
  • Cloth Size: 15" x 10"
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Pack: 100 Count


Crocodile Cloth Paint Cloths. 100 cloths per pack. 6 packs/case. Perfect for both paint prep and cleaning up any messes after painting from tools and surfaces.