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Hospeco® OPTIFY® Nitrile Exam Gloves | Sensitive Skin | Powder Free | Latex Free | 9 mil | Blue | Size Extra Large | 50 Gloves (25 Pairs) per Box


Product Description
OPTIFY® Nitrile Exam Gloves are crafted with a focus on sensitivity and protection. They are 9 mil in thickness, providing exceptional durability and resistance to punctures, tears, and chemicals. These gloves are powder-free, reducing the risk of potential allergic reactions and skin irritation, making them ideal for individuals with sensitive skin or latex allergies.
Product Highlights
  • Sensitive Skin Design: Specifically formulated for users with sensitive skin or latex allergies, ensuring comfort and reducing the risk of irritation. These gloves contain no sulfur or accelerators that cause allergic reactions.

  • 9 Mil Thickness: Offers superior durability and protection, making them suitable for rigorous applications and environments where increased resistance is required. Despite their thickness, the material has improved elasticity for reduced hand fatigue.

  • Powder-Free: Eliminates powder-related allergies and skin irritations, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience during extended use.

  • Nitrile Material: Constructed from high-quality nitrile, these gloves provide enhanced puncture resistance and chemical resistance compared to latex or vinyl gloves. These gloves have proven fentanyl resistance and improved chemical permeation resistance (resistance to chemotherapy drugs, chemicals, and oils. 

  • Textured Fingertips: Equipped with textured fingertips, these gloves offer improved grip and control, enabling precise handling of instruments or objects.

  • Ambidextrous Fit: Designed for convenience, these gloves can be worn on either hand, simplifying the wearing process and reducing sorting time.

  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various industries, including healthcare, laboratories, food service, janitorial services, and more, where sensitivity and reliable protection are paramount.

Standards and Compliance
  • NFPA 1999-2018, Section 8.11 & 8.12 Physical Properties
  • NFPA 1999-2018, Section 8.13 Puncture Test
  • Granted the "Low Dermatitis Potential" claim by USFDA for protection from Type 1 and Type 4 Hypersensitivity
  • Complies with FDA CFR Title 21 Indirect Food Additive Regulations Part 177


  • Modified Draize-95 (Low Dermatitis Potential)
  • Fentanyl Citrate Permeation (ASTM D6978)
  • 15 Chemotherapy Drugs Permeation (ASTM D6978)
  • Viral Penetration (ASTM F1671)
  • Primary Skin Irritation (ISO 10993-10)
  • Dermal Sensitization Assay (ISO 10993-10)
  • Gastric Acid Test (ASTM D6978)
  • Food Contact US 21 CFR 177.2600
  • Food Contact EU 10/2011
  • Cytotoxicity Test (ISO 10993-5)
  • Powder Residue Test (ASTM D6124 & EN 455-3)
  • Water Leak Test (ASTM D5151 & EN 455-1)
  • Physical Properties Test (ASTM D6319 & EN 455-2)
  • Shelf-life Study (ASTM D7160 & EN 455-4)
  • 14 Chemicals Permeation (EN 16523-1)
  • 14 Chemicals Degradation (EN 374-4)
  • Penetration Test (EN 374-2)
  • Viral Penetration (ISO 16604)
  • Innocuousness, pH, Comfort and Efficiency (EN 420, Polycyclic
  • Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) )
  • Chemical Residue Test (LGM TLC Method)