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Hurrah® Car Wash Concentrated Detergent | 5 Gallon Pail

SKU: NCL-1201

Product Description:

Hurrah® Car Wash Concentrated Detergent is a premium, pH neutral detergent designed to elevate the car cleaning experience. This powerful and concentrated solution is formulated to break down dirt, grime, and road residue effectively, leaving vehicles with a spotless, showroom shine. Suitable for both manual and automated car wash systems, Hurrah® Car Wash ensures thorough cleaning without compromising the integrity of a vehicle's finish. The concentrated formula means a little goes a long way, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice for maintaining appearance. This specialized car wash formulation contains detergents, wetting aids, emulsifiers, water conditioners and rinse-aid additives for quick efficient cleaning.

Available for in-store pick up and local delivery (60 mile radius) only. 

Product Highlights:

  • Free rinsing: Won’t water spot thus eliminating the need for toweling
  • Hard water stable: Readily mixes in all temperatures and water hardness
  • Provides multiple functions: Allows for use by manual, mechanical and pressure type applications
  • Does not contain phosphates: Completely biodegradable


  • Color: Straw
  • Odor: Citrus
  • Physical Form: 7.7
  • pH7.7 ± 0.3
  • Detergent Type: All Synthetic
  • Upper Cloud: >140°F
  • Lower Cloud< 25°F
  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • Hard Water Stability: Excellent
  • Free Rinsing: Yes
  • Safe on Hands: Yes
  • Specific Gravity (g/cc)1.02 ± 0.01
  • Density (lbs/gal)8.5 ± 0.1
  • Viscosity (cps): 600 cSt
  • Harmful Alkalis: None
  • Harmful Solvents: None
  • Toxicity: None
  • Cleaning: Excellent
  • Shelf Life: 1 year minimum in original unopened container