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Scott® Pro Coreless Single Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser

SKU: KIM-34831

  1. High Capacity: The Scott Pro Coreless Twin Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser offers a high-capacity solution, reducing the frequency of refills and ensuring a steady supply of tissue in busy restrooms.

  2. Coreless Design: With its coreless design, this dispenser eliminates paper core waste, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

  3. Efficient Dispensing: The dispenser is engineered for easy and efficient tissue dispensing, minimizing waste and ensuring a controlled distribution of tissue sheets.

  4. Sleek and Compact: The dispenser's sleek and compact design fits well in various restroom settings, optimizing space while maintaining a modern appearance.

  5. Hygienic and Low Maintenance: Designed for easy maintenance, the dispenser's enclosed design helps protect the tissue from contaminants, ensuring a hygienic experience for users.

Specs: 14.1 x 5.8 x 10.4, Black