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GEORGIA-PACIFIC enMotion® 10" High-Capacity Paper Towel Rolls | White | 6 Rolls per Case

SKU: GPT-89460

Product Description:

EnMotion® 10" Paper Towel Rolls are a premium and efficient paper towel product designed for a variety of commercial and high-traffic settings. Manufactured by Georgia-Pacific, a reputable company in the paper and packaging industry, these paper towel rolls are known for their quality, absorbency, and convenience.

Compatible with enMotion® Classic or enMotion® Impulse 10 automated electronic roll towel systems. 

Product Highlights:

  1. High-Quality Material: These paper towel rolls are crafted from high-quality paper, ensuring superior absorbency and durability. The paper is designed to effectively absorb liquids and spills while remaining strong when wet.

  2. Advanced Dispensing Technology: enMotion® rolls are compatible with automated touchless towel dispensers, which helps promote hygiene and reduces waste by dispensing one sheet at a time. 

  3. Generous Roll Size: With a 10-inch width, these rolls are larger than standard paper towel rolls, offering more coverage and absorbency per sheet. This makes them particularly suitable for high-traffic areas.

  4. Long Roll Length: Each roll contains 800 ft. of continuous paper towels, reducing the frequency of roll replacement.

  5. Embossed Design: The paper towels often feature an embossed pattern, which not only adds to their visual appeal, but it also enhances their absorbency and strength.

  6. Quick and Easy Installation: enMotion® rolls are designed for hassle-free installation in compatible dispensers, saving time and effort for facility managers and janitorial staff.


  • Product Series: enMotion®
  • Sheet size: Continuous
  • Color: White
  • Core Diameter: 1-3/4 in
  • Sheet Width: 10 in
  • Total Roll Length: 800 ft.
  • Ply: 1 Ply